Founder greeting

Dear travelers,

My name is Erdenebat Tsendeekhuu, founder of Legend Hills LLC inbound tour operator company. I was born and grown up in Khentii province of Mongolia. I graduated from National University of Mongolia as a Philosopher and Social researcher and then after defended Master degree in this field. From 2009 to 2015, I studied in Jilin province in China for defending PhD degree in Chinese Philosophy then I got the degree of Doctor in 2015.

To engage this tour company, I, owner, local person, have been working as a guide, driver and tour manager for 10 years to accumulate fluent experience. As the result of a 10 year history of effort we can rely on the excellence of our experienced staffs, skilled guide-interpreters, drivers, and practical local guides.

Our team aims to make quality and responsibility tour service to the all of clients.  We hope you enjoy travel with our team. Mongolia is a developing country, homeland of ancient abundant history, blue sky, endless steppe, traditional nomadic lifestyle, and kind people. In the countryside nomad people and families, local people are so hospitable along our custom so it is so peaceful and comfortable and safe country where you travelling, feeling comfort and real tranquil, breathing fresh air.

Travel with us, feel the real. “Travel brings power and love back into your life- by Rumi” 

Erdenebat Tsendeekhuu